Kate's lovely Diary
2002-09-09 17:04:34 (UTC)


It seems tho at this point that all of my friends are
backing down on me. Its nothing new really i guess. It
happens to me a lot. I think the only thing good tht has
happened to me this week is the fact tht i went to a dance
club with my good friend becky and she stole this old guys
cowboy hat hehe. People try to hook me up with guys but i
think its the most dumbest thing ever because i always
find something i dont like about them (most smoke or do bad
things) and also i have a love in germany...he is the only
one that keeps me happy,..his name is stephan...anytime my
friends bring a guy towards me...i constantly think *i wish
tht was stephan instead of them* ...i miss him
terribly...well anyway as for all u friends that have been
hurting me ..screw you..i deserve better then to be treated
like that. way better. .ill write tomorrow if i feel any
better..gotta go get my diploma.