Squeeb's world
2002-09-09 16:51:20 (UTC)

We knew this was coming...

Ok I forgot to mention that Matt H was traded from the Petes
but anyhoo he was and I knew Tiff would be upset and lash
out at the Petes- hee hee. We all know I would have done it
had the same happened to Scott or even Kurtis but here we go
I feel the need to be defensive and Tiff was forwarned so
it's all good. Ok so here goes. I hate the fact that we
can only have three over-agers but that's a fact of life.
And yeah half the time I don't agree with the choices
either- hello Carkner! But I DO think they did the right
thing this year in keeping Currie and Chambers. Ok Elzinga I
don't get at all and they would have been better to keep
Matt but Twohey dumb as he is, has a point. He wanted to
keep a veteran at each position and seeing as Chambers was
our leading scorer last year, he was the pick for forward.
Hell I wanted to keep Matt Armstrong and Jimmy Gagnon too
but we knew it wasn't going to happen. But as for Currie
being a sieve, ok I totally have to step up here- you knew
this was coming. Ok I have followed the Petes for 7 years
now and I have seen some BAAAAAADDD goalies and very few
goalies. Ok 3 good goalies and they were Bierk, Joey and
yes, Currie. Ok in no way does he compare to Zac or Joey but
compared to Evans, Lynch, Cairns and yes, even Pickard, he's
pretty damn good. He kept us in there a lot of times last
year adn I am frankly happy to have an overage goalie
instead of 2 rookies. And yeah I was upset last year with
the whole over-age situation so I know what you're going
through in resenting the other ones but don't take it out on
the Petes- take it out on Twohey. He's the dumbass. Dude
should have been fired long ago but what can we do. In
anycase, I am done defending. It just had to be done.

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