sexypeople only ,,,, my life
2001-07-21 20:43:33 (UTC)

~*~HOOP~*~ or ~*~POOP~*~

hey whats up yall this is amanda, last night i went to the
~*~HOOP~*~ it was soo much fun, u should of went u would
have had a blast, but all these black ~*~GUYS~*~ wanted my
asss soo bad like 5 of them ganged on me at once and they
started dancing,grabbing,licking,kissing,toucking,slaping
ohh my god it was pain and i almost got my ass kicked by
this big white girl, hahahahahahahaha and i found out that
my cousin works there it was soo tight b/c i got free
things iam still single tho that sucks ass big time i hate
it but i gave this guy my # number he was ~*~HOTT~*~ ouch
well i gotts go soo peace ohh wait wait wait i forgot
somthing last night i did stuff with casey and ohh my god
was he a good kisser mmmm well hotta go peace out keep it
real kids