2002-09-09 13:56:28 (UTC)

Back to school

So I am back here in West Hartford - where I belong. It's
nice to be back, despite the stress and work. I really
missed all my friends and being on my own. So here's the
low down on what's been going on...
Red Caps got a little bit better session 5 for me. Going on
that camping trip with the freshmen rocked. It was great
times and a good learning experience. The Jazz festival was
kinda boring because the old people ruined it for
us "youngins."
I've been hanging out with Will a lot. He is still one of
my Poe Hoes - gotta watch his back. I've seen Robert a few
times, but it's still a little weird for me.
I've also been hanging out with Seth, Sean, Jason, and
Brent. This year I kinda like Sean's girlfriend Chora. Last
year I thought she was kind of snobby. But now she's chill
with me now. In fact, she reminds me of my sister
Christine. Seth is no longer my bestest friend, but my big
brother. Jason is still my buddy... Jason. I see him when I
go swimming in the morning. At the end of last year I had a
crush on about a million and one guys. One of which was
Brent. It was a very small crush. I don't even remember
where it stemmed from. But it's still there. Oy Vey! Me and
all these boys. I must seem so boy crazy... it's because I
Well, it's time for class.