2002-09-09 13:54:03 (UTC)

If It's True?

When one shows you who they are—
believe them.

We've been shown who Saddam is!
We've been shown who the Muslim
Terrorists are!

We know the World Trade Center
was not a military installation;
nor were the victims soldiers on
a battlefield!

I believe what I see... not the
rhetoric of those with an hidden

It's due time the USA defends
herself, before her citizens are
running for the bomb shelters!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"The point is not to panic....."

".....rushing in hotheaded and
all guns blazing!"

How could one possibly make this
assertion regarding action taken,
almost a year-to-the-day of the
USA being attacked!?

Bullies aren't much up on being
civilized or subtle persuasion.
Any intelligent person knows one
must stand-up to a bully, or
forever cower in shame.

It's clear what Winston Churchill
faced, attempting to convince his
countrymen of the magnitude of the
threat posed by Hitler. But, I
suppose it became clear— when the
bombs began falling, eh?