Kitty Maxwell

Sea of Ice
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2001-07-21 20:20:22 (UTC)


(okay here wee goooo!)

"Oh Circie im tired of being alone... why am I the
only one who always gets forgoten?" Tammy sighed,
scratching Circie behind the ear. Then the phone rang.
Tammy jumped at the sound. Startled she walked over and
picked up the reciver. "Hello..." Tammy chimmed.
"Tammy, its me, Alison. Do you want to spend the
night... its kinda lonely over here..." Alison;s voise was
really quiet.
"Sure, I'll be right over." Tammy answered.
"Thanks Tammy..." Alison said befor hanging up the
phone. Tammy packed her bag with the usual over night stuf,
and wrote a letter to her parents...(she's got those
parents who really could care less where she was..) She
left the note on the refrigerator, and walked down the
block twords Alison's house. Whe she reached her
destination she noticed the silver eyes, watching her
again. She watched them out of the corner of her eye, and
cept walking, so it didnt look like she had noticed. Just
as she reached the door it swungopen and she was haistaly
pulled inside.
"Whats wrong?" Tammy asked a very frightend Alison.
"It feels like some things watching me... and I'm
all alone, I just wanted some company." Alison whispered.
"It's alright Alison I'll stay. Oh yea I brought a
movie... do you want to watch it!" Tammy asked trying to
lighten her friends mood. She pulled out the video and
handed it to Alison. Alison took it and put it in the
VCR. "I'll make some popcorn. Okay with you?" Tamy called
from the kitchen.
"Oh I want to help!" Alison called running into
the kitchen. Alison loved to cook even though she wasn't
the best at it. But at least she enjoyed trying.
The two girls finished the popcorn and sat down to
watch the movie Tammy had brought. It was a long movie
about this girl who feel in love with this guy... but he
was from a different planet, so their wish of loveing each
other could never come true. Alison cried alittle because
she's a sap, but Tammy just watched in silence. A flash
from the window cought her eye. She stared at the window
for a while when she noticed the eyes. They were fixed on
her unblinkingly... "Who are you?" Tammy whispered...
"Who?" Alison looked up at her friend, her short
curly red hair fanned out over her blue eyes. "Who's who?"
She asked again.
"Oh nothing, just talking to my self!" Tammy
laughed, " I'm going to get another soda.. want one?"
"Sure! Thanks!" Alison smiled at her. Tammy looked
back to the window but the eyes were gone...
Tammy walked into the kitchen and saw a note taped
to the out side of the door window. She walked over and
picked it up. She read to her self...
" I am Curberus... Tantamile... and Im still
watching you...."

................................Thats all till
next time...........From the lady shinigami her
self...............Kitty maxwell...........................