Tali and Jag's Journey
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2001-07-21 20:08:40 (UTC)

Talibah's First Night

I've been walking east for hours, the sun is starting to
set and it is my first night out under the stars. I mean as
an elf, I've spent plenty of time outdoors, but never
alone. I always had my sister with me, we even shared a
room our whole lives. I should start looking for somewhere
to sleep. But I want to do one more entry, before I nod
off. Finding a suitable little area, she set up camp and
started a fire, night was fast approaching.

I've decided to give you a name journal, you are magical
and all, and as such you need a name that suits You. One
that tells what you are. So what are you? You are a Book of
Illumination - A Book that will show me who I am, a Book
that learns with its writer. Your name is Jagrati, which
means awakening. You, Jagrati, will help me to reopen my
eyes to the world. Jagrati and Talibah.