Nasty Baby Precious

My Dirty Nasty lil Secrets
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2002-09-09 12:17:35 (UTC)


My name is Dulice Kaye, 20 years old, I am 5 foot 7, 125
pounds with golden long light brown hair, hazel eyes, pink
creamy complexion and rather sexually desiring to most
males from 14 to 60. I am a college student attending my
third year after having to take summer courses because I
got kicked out of two courses for missing too many classes,
because I would be sexually hung up with a guy! I am a
woman I get horny and need a lot of sex!

I like older men who treat me special, not the nasty
perverts and child molesters on line either. I admit I am a
whore, then we are are so big deal just don't remind me ok!
Perhaps I will reveal my sexual beginnings? How Dulice lost
her cherry" or something like that. Well have to get ready
for class!

Dulice Kaye