can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-09-09 11:59:45 (UTC)

i love senior privledge, i don..

i love senior privledge, i don't have to be in school until
8:40. yay! of course, i should still be sleeping but i woke
up, then i realized that i must have had a nosebleed during
the night because my pillow had blood on it, and those
things freak me out cuz of TXF now. whatevery.
but last night was fun. i just went to the mall and barnes
and noble but i definitley needed the alone time. got a
cute shirt at hot topic that says: learn to fly at
tinkerbell's school for believers. writers chai at b&n.
next time i'm getting the witch's guide to the fae folk or
something like that, it looks really interesting. they had
it both at b. dalton at the mall and b&n, but at b&n i can
get nikki's discount! lol, and i'm gonna use her for her
discount in the music section cuz they have the x-files
movie score. lost my tape of it. sniffle. oh well. i was
listening to lux et veritas last night before i went to
sleep: don't do that! its creepy as fucking hell!!!
visiting hws sometime soon. yay. i think. my mom is so
fucking down on, prolly cuz its in NY. well, at least i
won't be living at home! i mean, i probably won't even go
there, i'll probably end up at salve, but don't tell her
that. the only thing is, i really really really don't want
to go to school w/ laura. i'm fluctuating between hating
the idea and not minding, but right now i'm hating. prolly
cuz we're getting along really well, even w/o sarah there.
which is definitley unusual for us. but we'll see.
alright well i should get ready for school. or something.
ooh, maybe bewitched is on! :) buh bye

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