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2001-01-18 02:19:36 (UTC)

Oi! I have the flu! It s so..

Oi! I have the flu! It's so terribly boring just sitting in front of the TV and the hour mom allows me online! I'm actually
looking forward to the day I go back to school. Mom says it won't be until next week! D'oh!
Josh thought it was funny that I was sick, and that hurt, because it's dawning on me that I have a crush on him.
Funny, I actually had to figure it out. Oh-well.
I had another brutal Jezzy withdrawl attack last night. Cried a whole lot.. I feel really guilty. He was up on the roof
because he was at my old window. At MY old window because he knew he could depend on me to let him in and
cuddle him. I'm so sorry Jezz. I really am. I miss him unbearably. I should have stayed home that night. Should have
been there for you. I miss him.
Life is so numb without him. I love him more than anything. And I swear that's no exaggeration. Swear.

Anyway.. On a lighter note,
I've got five full pages of my story written, my frog is healthy, aquarium is clean, and.. and.. That's all I can think of
that matters.