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2002-09-09 05:53:11 (UTC)

Well, Bobby finally went to the..

Well, Bobby finally went to the emergency room, its really
bad, they wanted to admit him but he said no he wanted to
go home, we all tried talking him into staying, it would
have only been for 2 days, he cant even walk, i dont know
how his mother got him into the car to take him to the
emergency room in the first place!
She has to work until 7 tomorrow, so ill probably go over
to make sure hes allright till she gets home, and when i
get there im dumping out all of his beer!
His liver is going, and they said next would be confusion
then brain damage and then death, and he doesnt even care,
he said ill give it a few weeks if i dont get better ill
come back and his mom told him hed be dead by then...
I just cant believe that someone would not take the help
offered to him, its like he wants to die, and no amount of
tears or begging will make him help himself...
I know hes going to die, and im going to miss him so damn
much, i love him and i always will.:(