[What You Will]
2001-07-21 18:25:38 (UTC)

Listenin' to GLAY

So how is everyone? Well, I'm ok thanks. I stayed up till 2
am last night (this morning..hehe) that's the
latest/earliest for so long...I usually try to go to bed by
ten, but I had an afternoon nap so it was manageable. So I
have a question...what the heck are the Foo Fighters usually
singing about? It seems like all their songs kinda have a
theme so to speak...mostly I'm wondering what they are
talking about in "Everlong"...does anyone know? Hmm email me
if you do...^.^
So what am I doing today? *Hopefully* I'll be able to do
something with my bf...I want to go to this place called get to paint your own pottery and they
glaze it and put it in the's so cool. Yah, I have
some design ideas. I want to paint a teapot or tea cup of
some sort...possibly a decorative plate. I want to do black,
with squares of metallic paints if they have them (like
copper, silver, gold...) make it kinda ArtDeco. Or a I want
to do a Japanese thing *surprise* Bamboo or other type
things...I have a lot of bamboo in my room tho. But I was
thinking the ArtDeco thing might be a bit dark, and I was
thinking of making something simply using a
stencil picture on white. We'll see...maybe on lt.
blue...yah...Well, I hope I can go.


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