lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-09-09 04:49:12 (UTC)

dance, monkey, dance!

yesss!! photo class rules! today britt & i did our first
photo project & it was pretty fun. i promise i am NOT a
child pervert, but britt & i had to take pics of little kids
chasing their airplane. it was really cute though, cuz it
happened to be pablo & mateo gomez. ahh such cute

but mostly we took pics of mal & meg...and then we
went to meg's and did homework and it was pretty fun.
meghan got flaming mad because i am incurably
immature. HAHAHA!!! right on!!!

my dad got a new atv & i'm really excited. it's pretty and
shiny and yellow so yeah. sweet beans.

ahh sometimes i can't believe that i'm such a loser. but
God blesses me anyway. it's so beyond my
comprehension. wow. i seriously am just in awe of the
fact that scum gets such love.

ooh i hope i can go to the hallelujah jubilee thing @
magic mtn cuz i really wanna see the supertones!!!

choir's singing in our school's patriot day
remembrance chapel thing and the "god bless the
u.s.a." thing we're doing just makes me sniffle. ahh
seriously. it's weird. in general, i hate the things
america stands for these days...but it's a great feeling
that once or twice a year, people really give a crap
about our freedom and unity.