2002-09-09 04:04:51 (UTC)

What happens when the person..

What happens when the person that you love suddenly ignores
you? Ive been spending a little bit of time with a guy who
Ive been going out for, for only a week. We got to know
each other before that and I realised that I liked this guy
a lot. This weekend he started to ignore me for a reason
why I dont know. I only wanted to make this guy happy and
now I cant do that because of something Ive done and I dont
know what it is so I cant fix the bloody thing. That is
one of my worst fears, being ignored. I hate it because it
makes me feel as though Im only existing and not really
living. I know many of you are thinking hey get over him,
but if you were in my situation you would be doing the same
thing. I broke up with my ex a few months ago, well he
broke up with me due to lack of communication mainly on my
behalf because of the stresses that were happening within
the family. This guy took a long time to get over because
I was so happy with him and then in one swoop everythings
gone, everything that made me happy was going out fucking
another girl behind my back. I waited months and months
for someone that would attract my attention and I found
him. Then it goes. I took my god damn time with this one
and its slowly crumbling in my hands. Previous
relationships where I just went straight into it lasted up
to 8 months and now 1 week. I love this guy now how can I
make things work :/