My Life
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2002-09-09 04:04:05 (UTC)

Weekend Update

Friday night I went to a party in one of the older,
residential parts of town farther away from school. I went
with friends so I didn't know anyone there. It was
interesting because I always think it's fun to go somewhere
and see what sort of things other people do to have a good
time. I like knowing that there are people out there that
I've never met that enjoy the same things that I do.

Saturday was the football game. We went and had an ok friends almost got in a fight with some other
people in the student section, and that was embarrassing.
Later that night I sat around and drank two bottles of wine
with my cousin. Today was just pretty eventless, except if
you count the minimal homework I attempted. Oh, and
there's that whole ordeal with my parents hating me again.
It cycled back. That's pretty much been the way of things
for the past two months or so. One week everything is
fine, and the next they find something new to hate me for.
I can't win. It's not fair. I give up this time. I'm not
going to call them and try to smooth things over. I'm too
old and my schedule is too full to deal with petty
arguments that have nothing to do with anything. If they
want to fix things, they'll have to learn to meet me half

Well I'm tired and I have an assignment due tomorrow that I
still haven't started. Maybe if I go now I'll finish it
before 2am.

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