2002-09-09 03:54:55 (UTC)


Gay - Straight Alliance.... where do i fit in... i was
convinced i was mostly completely straight... but it's so
hard... all of a sudden... i am thinking maybe i am - . i
am so confused. lauren ripley (who recently came out to me as -
) has told me to simply relax.. that i don't
need to label myself. but i do... i need to know where i
belong... i need to know where i stand...

last night was great... bo and i just messed around
trying to keep each other up... (nothin too sexual, of
course) it felt so good to have her that close... it is so
strange for me... all of this. i am happy with her. today
i felt like i could finally be free or something crazy,
i am insane... this is absolutely crazy... i am positive
there is no way i could ever get anything more than