Mistress L

Ravings of a Self-Confessed Erratic Nut
2001-07-21 16:55:08 (UTC)

Saturday Night Divas!

1pm- At first this entry was just going to be called
Saturday. But Saturday Night Divas is a good song, so
there. lol. I woke up way too late to go to the gym like I
wanted to, so i'll just chill til work. I'm such a slacker
this month when it comes to that. My poor puppy is crying,
she had an operation on her leg... it's so sad. I'm
listening to Nelly Furtado again.

Shit, my mom gave me a Playstation 2 game to return last
week, and I don't know what I did with it. I haven't
returned it yet, and I told her I did, I just can't find
it! Ah! Oh well I will just have to pay for it.

Tonight after work, at like 11, when I am too tired and
covered in icecream , I get to go to Diana's for a party.
It's a deckwarming party, because her new big deck was just
built. It's mostly her older brothers party, but Jess and I
are going of course. I planned to go to the beach with Jess
on Monday, but it's Becky's birthday so I think I oughtta
stick around incase Kelly planned something for it. I don't
know what to get her, everyone's birthday is coming up.
Jess and Eric have a birthday coming up too, both were born
on August 13th. I really don't feel like buying Eric a
present, but he spent alot on me for my birthday so I'd
feel like an ass. Even though he's the ass. Hmm. And Jess
wants a huge rubber ducky we saw in Walmart for her room,
and something from Victoria's Secret. But she already has
everything from that store. Argh!

I think I want to clean my car today... Oh goody now I'm
excited, lol. When I go to Methuen to see Rachel maybe my
car won't be so crowded that no one can fit in the
backseat. I still have my bookbag in there and like 10
sweatshirts. Oi! That'll be so fun, I can't wait. Hopefully
those plans don't fall through, they always do don't they!

hmm, need SATC QUOTE...
"The Eskimos have hundreds of word for snow but we've
invented three times that many words for relationships.
What really defines a relationship?" -Carrie

"As I walked away, I had a thought...Maybe all men are a drug.
Sometimes they bring you down and sometimes, like now, they get you
so high. *turns back for one last look* Damn, it would've been so
cool if I hadn't looked back... -Carrie

See, it's my Bible.

12:30- Work was fun, I slacked off and got paid for it. I made sure
that I "looked hot and ignored Eric." lmao, That was Ashleighs advice
to me. I'm sure it killed him...ha! I never went to Di's, her mom
flipped on her so I just stayed at home. That's okay, we'll have
plenty of time to have fun in the parking lot at Bon Jovi. We're
going with her brother and his friends. Thats on Wed. I'm thinking of
driving up to Methuen on the 30th maybe. Yes, Rachel? It depends on
Iif I am too scared to drive that far on the highway by myself when
the day comes. Even though it's practically impossible to get
lost.But I wouldn't doubt it, i'm horrible with directions. Damn it,
I was just about to go off and watch Everafter but my brother and his
gf stole the living room. I'm working tomorrow at 10am. I have to be
in that store for 1 and 1/2 hours alone with Eric and Niki. Niki
doesn't like me, I don't know why. She's an attention starved little
princess. If you aren't paying attention to her for 2 seconds she
gets all moody. I think she doesn't like me because I like Jenna,
whom she hates for no reason. I feel like I'm stuck in the 5th grade
again. Minus the Lion king binder. That thing kicked ass.