Shared Guy Rants
2001-07-21 16:35:57 (UTC)

My Mark McGrath

I am in love! Not real love but love! Brett is the perfect
guy for me! He's everything I'm looking for in a guy! A few
flaws but it's all good! He is a flower guy! I love
flowers! Last night we had a dinner
(mike,micheal,amy,barb,tia lily,kimmy,brett and i) and we
were hanging at the pier cuz we got dessert and this flower
guy came. but amy shooed him off and micheal said"well,
maybe he wanted to get mariana a flower" and amy is
like "oh" and brett claimed he was planning on getting me a
flower! which is so sweet. just the thought is awsome!he
said he was a flower dude! see my exs didn't get this. i
love suprises! i love flowers! i am ur typical girl!i'm
glad i got to see him. we went to rajun kajun. i had some
alligator, hush puppies and some frog legs! and those were
just the appetizers!ymmmm!then i had fried catfish but
anyway.....he looks so cute! everyone said what a good
lookin' guy he was!my aunt is still in question whether she
likes him or not but u can't please everyone. everyone said
he was a sweet guy! and he has chivalry! i love chivalry!
he's such a great guy! and i finally figured out who he
looks like! he is mark mcgrath from Sugar Ray. I swear he
looks like him! which is awsome because i love sugar ray! i
met his mom (mark mcgrath's mom) and i hugged her and said
thank u for bringing mark into this world! and i have my
own mark! he's perfect! he knows where to touch me, when to
hold me, etc. the list about how great he is could go on.
when he said that if we were together, he has to see me
once a week at least! i was like ahhh be still my heart!
cuz my most guys r like yeah whatever! as long as he
doesn't want to talk everyday on the phone, i'm cool. i
can't stand doing that only becuz i feel it's useless and i
dodn't have much to say cuz my family is listening in on my
convo. he even told me he got jealous over me! it was so
cute! he said that i have an accent everytime i talk to abe
but i won't do it w/ him and it bothered him in a way. i
tried to explain why. it's nothing bad, i'm just diverse!
but it was so cute!!!!! did i dare mention when i got
jealous over him! NOOOOOOO! it was when we went to the
movie theatre w/ his buddies and we saw fast & furios, and
we didn't get to sit w/ eachother but as we were walkin'
out this girl wraps her arms around him. he was cool about
it and introduced me. then put his arm around me. so it
reassured me that i don't need to worry about him. that if
he's going to leave me, he willdespite whatever desperate
attmpt i try to do and that jealousy is only going to make
it worse. i told him i don't get jealous. i used to but it
shows how insecure u r. and i don't want to be like that. i
don't want to be like i used to be. it was bad but now i'm
better! but i'm glad he gets jealous over me! i thinks it's
cute! i want a guy like that! i like that he likes to try
new things! yet he won't go sky diving! what's up w/ that?
i so want to go sky diving it'd be so much fun!!!!! i have
now gotten used to his smell! he wears ralph lauren. and it
now smells so GOOD! i used to be an aspen girl only! the
guy had to wear aspen. but ralph lauren, i've gotten used
to it. i can still smell it. it reminds me of him!
eveyrtime i look at him, i think damn i'm lucky and what
does this guy see in me? he can get any girl but he's w/
me. and i think thank u god for giving him to me. he's so
amazing. and he doesn't even know it. he won't admit he's
cute. he thinks he's "better lookin' than most but not the
best" in my eyes, he's the best and no one can compare. he
was so cute though. we went down to go let in micheal and
micheal asked if brett and i r dating? and i said "were
seeing eachother." and later brett told me that bothered
him. and i'm like what?! all u gotta do is pop the
question. buddy , i thought! i'm like what did u want me to
say? he's all, i dunno, kinda. i'm like u want me to tell
him were friends? he's like yeah. i'm like ok.we'll see
when he asks me to be his g/f. i'm still waiting. anyway i
gotta go to work so i'm going to jet!cya