i suck
2002-09-08 22:46:21 (UTC)


I am friends with a hatian painter named david saintus.
I think pants are over rated
I know tomorow is going to be a long day
I want pretty legs
I have unpretty legs
I wish everyone could be happy
I hate school
I miss late nights.
I fear fish
I hear Brand New
I search for someone to walk on the beach with late at nite
I wonder when things are going to be all happy again
I regret wastin time
I love Jared Elias Zaragoza
I ache because i went to a street fair today and walked my
ass off...
I care about my friends aly and caitlin
I always procrastinate.
I am not who you want me to be
I dance in my basement with my pack
I sing in the rain, and the shower
I cry way to much
I do not like green eggs and ham
I fight with my mom
I write when im alone
I i dont...
I lose my left shoe alot
I confuse the pants off people
I listen to emo and punk
I can put my feet behind my head
I need someone to keep me warm when its cold at nite and
I am happy when i talk to jared and hang out with the pack
I should get a calender