My Reality
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2002-09-08 22:39:15 (UTC)

God damn nasty girls!!!

What the fuck happened to all of my friends. i went away
for the summer and i came back and now they are so stupid.
i mean they were silly last year, but they are just fucking
stupid now. i just dont see why i should hang out with
them any more.
maybe i am just a stick in the mud, or maybe they are just
too energetic. maybe i grew up and they didnt. maybe we
arent really suitable for each other any more, but eithere
way it goes, its making me rethink whether or not i want to
hang out with them any more. they just talk about stupid
stuff and do really retarted things that make me ask "are
you ok? you need to sit down?...and say "calm down i
dont want you to hurt yourself." i shouldnt feel this way
about the ppl that i care about i know, but at the same
time, god damn what is wrong with them. they had a ten
minute conversation that consisted of nothing but
alternative names for human anatomy. i am the only person
who isnt completely amused with things like that. i much
rather prefer conversation with substance.
i hate being the only girl who acts like a lady..oops ok
well except for on here, bc i get all of my frustrations
out here. they make me feel like i am wrong bc i am
mature, bc i dont want to talk about penis and vagina all
the time, bc i have more intelligent ways to spend my time
outside of drinking and partying, bc i have plans for my
life, and bc i dont want to spend all of my time doing
unimportant things. i would much rather keep my room clean,
my grades up, and my brains cells still alive. i dont
drink i dont do drugs and i dont smoke, why exactly is that
wrong. why is it that they feel the need to save me from
my life. i happen to like the way i live, and i dont put
down their lives in front of them, i dont tell them that
what they are doing is wrong. i dont make them feel like
less of a person bc of the way they chose to be, so why is
how i am not acceptable.
i want to be considered an ok person bc i am kind and
caring and i like taking care of those i love, and i like
to live a responsible life pay my bills keep a clear mind
take care of my business and not mooch from others. i dont
see a damn thing wrong wtih that so stay the fuck out of my
business if you do, bc i am doing a damn fine job of
staying out of debt, staying sober, and starting a nice
journey towards adulthood, where the fuck are you ppl