The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2001-07-21 16:07:36 (UTC)


Last night absoultly great.

Went to marys got their 2 seconds before tricia. Had lots
of fun. Trevor, Carly and Liz were their too. We hung out
for awhile. Then Carly and Liz went back to Carlys for
dinner. We had lemon pepper chicken and rice-a-ronie and
sparkling grape jucie and chocolate cheese cake. Well I
was the only one who had the cheese cake cause everyone
else was full. Well then we hung out for awhile and then
me and Tricia went to the movies it was fun. Took tricia
home and then I got online for a few minutes and went to
bed cause i was tired.

Best sleep in a very long time.

Laters people

Tricia-Love you beyond belief, gosh your so great, yay real
trika hugs. *HUG*

Mary- Thanks for putting up with us last night

Will- I owe you

Everyone else rawk on