The Eagadz Files
2001-07-21 15:52:11 (UTC)

This is the begining

I am Eagadz, and lemme tell you, being a Teen in the world
today can majorly suck ass! But there's more to it than
that, i think being a person in this world now a dayz can
really suck all together.

I am happy going to my school... It's the one my mom went
to, a private education, but hey, ive went to a private
school all my life... Things have worked out... It takes
me 45 minutes to get to school, but it's still a-ok... my
mom works 45 minutes away, and things just flow.
My dad wants to take away the schedual... He hates this
town where the school is located... He wants my to go to
school in cowtown... i am hated there
its also a lousy school.... and if i went there, id never b
able to see my friends in the other town EVER again, he
told me that 3-4 times, i think he means it.
u know, change happens, but sometimes there is a thing as too much
change.. i think

at least i have one place to turn to for some normal family life.. my
camp, ive been at it for 11 years... i have my own lil family goin on
there... our camp director is like a mother, while our old director
whom we still love is our father... as for a bro, ive got *Bangz*...
and my boyfriend, *Tazols*, i love him sooo muches! but i think its
gonna end this friday, we only agreed to go out during camp, cuz we
live far apart.. grr, y me... well the kids at this camp *xyz* they
just adore me... they have their own lil nickname for me, makes me
happy! but camp does end fri.. what am i gonna do when i have no
place to run to, ive stuck up for myself as long as i can!.... i cant
give it, itll ruin college for me, seriously, and i need my friends
support, i wont have it!

"eagadz is more like it"

more to follow, stay tuned!


*all names in asteris of course r not the real names of people and