girl, interrupted
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2002-09-08 21:22:38 (UTC)

for kahlie...

this is a poem a friend wrote for me when i was in
hospital last seems kind of relevant, i want
to re-dedicate it to you...

what can i give you?
how can i help?
i am here

do you want my eyes?
so you can see what
i see
when i look at you
your beauty
your wit

do you want my ears?
so you can hear the cries
of others when
you cry

do you want my lips?
so you can say
what you want
you can shout, you can holler
as loud as you want

do you want my legs?
so you can stand up strong
and go forward
and run

do you want my blood?
to flow through your veins
giving you life
setting you free

take my eyes from their sockets
rip off my ear
pluck off my limbs
take my
my life.

but there is something i know.
you know.
you don't need my eyes, my ears,
my lips, my legs, my blood.
you have your own and they
want to be strong
to be set free from your pain

and you CAN see with your own eyes,
you can hear and holler
and stand tall
and the blood in your veins
is so very

but what you want,
i will give.

so can i just ask for one thing in return?
can i take your hand
to hold
to walk into the sunset with you

i love you kahlie x