My Reality
2002-09-08 20:50:39 (UTC)

Who knew a date could suck so bad?

Ok so i finally gave in and went on that one date i said i
would. he is a nice guy just not the nice guy for me. but
that isnt my complaint. my complaint is that:
he was three hours late
he was bc he was having lunch with his friends.
he has known about this for two weeks.
he brought me flowers (and i made it clear that flowers
mean about nothing to me, it had no thought behind it)
he isnt "J"
he pinched my facial cheek.
he would pet me like a dog.
he isnt "J"
even after i told him i wasnt interested, he still insisted
on trying to cuddle with me
he told me what to do.
he wasnt "J"
he wouldnt tell me his last name.
he didnt want to know mine.
in no way shape or form was he anywhere near being as
awesome as "J"
he didnt open my door, EVER
he talked down to me
and oh oh oh, did i mention that i spent the entire time
thinking about "J"

all in all i would have to say it was the suckiest date i
have been on in a while and i spent most of the time
begging for it to end for him to go home, so i could be
alone to fume.i really hate dating. if i cant be with "J"
then to be perfectly honest, i dotn want to date anyone!!!