2001-07-21 15:00:06 (UTC)

more crazy

my fwenzz jez call me jez now
she said tht this guy tuition bm wif c.marinah
on sunday morning what should i do?
i hav 2 get closer 2 him then after tht i can tell him how
i feel
but what if he rejects me?=((
too many speculation makes me nervous n scared
i never do this b4....i mean asking fer a chance ..
goshh..more n more problem
i saw an article in my cuz magazines
tht mag said..tht what makes man less interest in women is
if d women is not confident wif who they are
n thts my problem
im a shy girl..
n i owez 'merendah diri' can i throw tht 'things' out of myself
im not really good in dun laugh when U read my
i cant stop thinking bout him
tht makes me crazy......
but then how am i seposs3d 2 get over this feeling
urgh..i really hate teenage life~!~!~
it makes me sick
p/s: so my goal now is 2 build self-confident then i'll b
ready 4 d acceptance or rejection
but 1 more more feminine clothes =)
bye for now
if anyone read this n think the they got an idea how 2
solve my problem....just drop me a few lines at
[email protected]