whats happenin
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2001-07-21 14:54:39 (UTC)

saturday... day after my 1st time at the woods

hey. last night, i went to this place called the woods,
where local bands play every friday. it was my 1st time
there. me and amber and jess went. everyone there was punk,
and ya know, i love punks. : P i met a bunch of ppl, and
saw ppl i knew. i saw allison, which i havnt seen since the
last day of school, i saw bryan (on the last day of school
he asked me sign his yearbook and didnt know me lol then
got my sn), i saw kate, sam, leah, lauren, tina, gill,
bonnie, and other ppl. tina really hates me. i know it. oh
well. dont care. and lauren wants to get the same pants as
me. i dont care, im still getting them. id look better in
them anyway. well some guys were like hitting on amber so
me and jess left her, but she caught up with us and we met
the guys while walking to 7-11. ya know, i AM really
outgoing!! yay!! ive overcome my shyness! anyway, i only
remember one of their names, and his name was randy. he was
wonderin if we could go "over there and hook up", if u know
what hes sayin. everything he said he said he was bein
strait up. lol. i actually really liked him. he had braces.
but ill see him next friday hopefully, because i AM
going : ) hm.. that was sooooo much fun, ive ALWAYS
wanted to do somethin like that, just hang out and chill,
walk down to 7-11, get a drink, and if the band sucks,
chill some more, what me and amber call "fun-boring", and
if the band rocks, start moshin, lol. the band that was
playing last night was called broken zipper. they kinda
sucked, but they wernt too too bad. one day, my band will
be playin there. that is, when we learn how to play : P
well lata..