This is me...trying to find myself.
2001-07-21 14:46:37 (UTC)

Baby Boy

Ashley Kinney and I are going to see "jurrasic Park 3"
today. We're really sneakin' into Baby Boy though. She like
really wants to see it and well so do I. About a week ago
Ana and I snuck into Scary Movie 2. That movie is so
freakin' funny. Lol. Well anyway.
Emily S. and I went to see Crazy/Beautiful last night.
She obviuosly doesn't hate me any more..damn. No I'm just
kidding No one hates me any more which is good. I htink
that Emily thinks she can get me back and like "control"
me. Like she used to. Well to bad for her she's lost me. Oh
Well I don't feel like writing any more. (And there
isn't anything else for me to say so uh yeah)

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