2001-07-21 14:42:32 (UTC)

Divorce: 7/21/01 , 7:30 AM

I don't know how this is going to turn out, but i'm
going to explain it the best i can, since i express myself
in writing... Ok, Charles Weston, Father of Four, and
Husband to the same wife for 22 years, is getting a
divorce, for reasons i do not know. He is one of my mom's
best friends, and they've known each other foreverm they
are partners in a horse business, which is like most of our
income. Ok, well apparently alot of stuff has been going
on, first of all, my dad is Rick Moulton, he married my mom
after being introduced by best friends, and one night
laying in bed in his birthplace, with my mother, he simply
said, "Well, i guess we should get married now" So my mom
was in her early 20's and my dad was in his early 30's.
They married and 6 years later I was born, and everything
was ok.

My mom and dad grew apart, as my dad spent days flying (
he's on of the best pilots in the world), and nights
drinking, while my mom was at home, a new mother, taking
care of me. 2 years later they seperated, and by the time i
was 6 they divorced. They sold our extremely small house,
and i remember kicking down the "For Sale" sign down over
and over, every day, until my mom moved me and her away, to
my grandpa's house. We lived there for 7 years, until my
mom married Shorty. Shorty was a guy she met while hauling
cattle, and he was a all-around cowboy. When they married
in Maui, i was the ringbearer, and i hated the idea of a
new father so much, i came 2 inches from tossing the bands
into the sea below. We built a new house, and it seemed to
me everything was ok. My mom hung out with karate people,
because now she had a new hobby. Ever since i saw
the "Ninja Turtles" I wanted to be just like them. So my
mom got me karate lessons, when i was 7, but i got bored of
discipline and quit at 9. By then my mom thought it looked
fun, and we got lessons together a few months later, and
ended up in some ad for the Karate place. I quit off and
on, but she got more and more serious about it, and the
whole badass image started to appeal to her. She would pick
me up from school at 3 PM, we'd change into our karate
clothes, and that was all fun. But then i quit, and she got
even more serious about it. She started hanging out there
alot, and of course had alot of friends there. They would
stay there ( on a school night, with their kids) drinking
at Barney's Billiard until 11 or 12 PM. I didn't mind, i
thought it was cool. I was only 10, so i couldn't stay in
the bar, and neither could the other kids, so they'd give
us some money and we'd go do whatever the hell we wanted.
But she started to get to be an alchaholic. It got pretty
bad. One night she came home extremely wasted, and got into
a fight with Shorty. She crawled a block to my
grandfathers, and layed down with her head in the toiled.
It was a weekday, and it sortof surprised me to see my
mother this messed up. She layed there screaming at Shorty
how she wanted to die and was going to kill herself. Now,
me and my mom have pretty much been the only ones there for
each other, and i felt it was my duty to stay at my
grandfathers house with her. Shorty however, drug her into
the car and put layed her a nice little bed of towel while
she spent the night worshipping the toilet. It's horrible
seeing somebody you look up to as pathetic as that, and at
that point i lost hope for my mother, and i became my own
person. I had no idols, and i became fond of the idea of
being a rebel. You can ask anybody at SAA, i was getting in
trouble pretty much every day. I added up the total time i
spent in punishment and suspension, and got the total of 3
months. Thats alot of time i spent paying for my "rebel
image". Anyways, I was at the Academy for 6 years, toiling
und John Webster and always knowing i was on the edge of
expulsion. Finally, February 19th 1999 i was expelled. I
got in trouble for fighting with a negro kid, Josh Simmons,
who had already been kicked out of Alamo Heights once, and
was getting in trouble more than even me. He thought it was
humorous to call a school full of white kids white trash,
and i had had enough of him. I AM NOT RACIST AT ALL, But
since he was so confided with our race, i decided to fight
fire with fire. I said, " Yo Josh, whut up my nigga? Ya
wanna go shoot some white boys homes?"

I was just joking, but he took this seriously. He
responded with," Whats that white trash?"
And so i said, " Thats It Nigger!"
He said he was gonig to tell our principal, and we got
into a fight. I guess i won, cause he went screaming to the
schools security guard, Alan (one of my best friends at the
time). Alan did his best to keep me out of trouble, but of
course Josh didn't really trust anyone at this school, so
he went straight to Mr. Webster and told him a lie about
how i called him a Dumbass Nigger and how i was gonig to
hurt him and how i attacked him. This kindof humoured me,
because i had been there 6 years, and he had been there
less than 7 months. Everyone hated Josh, as he had stolen
numberous things, and everyone had heard the whole "white
trash" thing. So i had 30 kids willing to testify against
poor Josh. Nevertheless, it was the last straw for John
Webster. The last thing he needed was tabloids about racism
at his school. So he of course did reverse-racism and
expelled me, the white guy. This is my theory anyways. I
got homeschooled by a tutor 3 hours a day, 3 days a week
for the remaining school year, and it turns out Josh got
kicked out a month before school was out for throwing a
wimpy white kids down the stairs. It also turns out John
Webster's reknown school got just the tabloids it deserved,
as Belinda Kromer, former teacher of the year, and new
leader of the "electronics dept." was fired, for arguing
with SAA's principal about a issue he ignored frequently.
It turns out, 3 of the schools oldest teachers had been
going into students accounts, and looking up porno websites
in their free-time. John webster eventually fired Mrs.
Kromer for arguing so much, and soon after she went to the
newspaper and totally blew the San Antonio Acadmey military
school's "Reputation for excellence". Soon after three of
the schools oldest male teachers ( and best) were fired,
along with Kromer. I happily cut the article out of the
newspaper and put it on my wall.

March 21, 1999, Will Naylor Smith, my half-brother, was
born. It seemed i Didn't need to worry about Armageddon,
because i figured all it took was a new birth into the
family to destroy MY life. I hated him. I cried when i saw
him, i hated him, my step-dad, my mother, everyone. Life
sucked. I have no idea why i despised him so much. I don't
think it was jealousy. I'm really not sure. But the ironic
thing is, back then i would of said it was the worst say of
my life, now i'd say it's one of teh best things that's
happend to me. Anyways, after about a year of avoiding the
screaming baby I liked to call "It", i started to like him
more, because he was no longer a thing that needed tending
to 24 hours a day, and no longer screamed senselessly, but
was now beginning to show emotion, and so did I. Now of
course, i love my brother alot, more than i do my mother at
times. My mom was never really meant to be a mother in my
opinon, and others. She is not motherly at all, and i
certainly blame this on my grandmother. My grandmother is a
fairly hard person to get along with, and the fact that she
sued my mother for the money she recieved from my
grandfather, when m mom was only 21 years old. The old
woman is fairly miserable in my mother's eyes, although she
is fairly nice to me, excluding the annoying talks about
god, and the "Adventure Bibles" she buys me to hint for me
to study god more often. Her father was a priest, and was a
fairly humorous example of the decieving world we live in
today. You see, this man did his preachings while he was
drunk, as you see, he was an alchaholic Priest. This gives
much proof to me to believe that religeon is propaganda.
Monks, tribesman, buddists, all created a story that made
their people look forward to a wonderful after life if they
devoted their life to good. But if they were evil, they
would be sent to somne sort of eternal damnation. You see,
its basically like telling a kid you get a cookie if your
good, but if your not good, well you might get a spanking.
Thats a wierd analogy, but basically, i think beliefs like
the bible were made up to keep civilization orderly. I
mean, i've read the bible some, and no offence to anyone,
but it is just plain stupid. All it is is a list of things
to do, and not to do, with some odd examples to go with it.
I mean, preachers are always talking about how evil the
things we call entertainment are, because they show
examples of sex, violence, drug use, and such. They think
things like Video games and movies make kids want to go
shoot up their school or something. I'm sorry, but in my
opinion it is the stress of today's society, the pressure
and the responsibilities kids today are put through. Also,
in my opinion, we are becoming lazy people. And fairly bad
people too. Let me use my story as an example. O.K. so
heres the rest:

My mom and dad pretty much hate each other. They both
brainwashed me when i was small into hating each the other
parent as much as they did. I loved my dad as much as my
mom, i mean, he's my dad, and my mom says thinks that she
had to substitute as the father since well, Shorty just
plain sucked as a dad and my other dad i would not see for
years at a time. One time, my dad gave away Lindbergh, our
yellow lab, who had basically been my sibling in my eyes,
because he was the same age as me, and we grew up together.
Anyways, my dad's excuse was he moved so much, that the
thought it would be much better for Linny to be running
free with other dogs on his neighbors farm. Well, i
thoroughly disagreed, and didn't see him or talk to him for
6 years straight. Anyways i was happy this year, because i
was at a new school (Keystone), which i thought was going
to be great, and my dad and his new wife, Linda had a house
in San Antonio, where i live, just 15 minutes away. So,
life was good, and i felt re-born in a sense, because now i
got to actually see my dad every once and a while, and
contact him through email daily at times. I also visited
him frequently. Anyways, Linda, his wife was ok. All i knew
about her was she was born in East Texas, she owned a big
wedding Chapel ( Tropicana) in Las Vegas, amd that she
supposedly loved my dad. Anyways i later found out that she
was an Ex-Playboy Bunny for Hugh Hefner, which amused my
mom very much. Well, school got extremely difficult and
really took a toll on me. I had no fun anymore, and all i
did was work and study. I started not to care, and then
started to really care. Well, anyways Keystone turned out
to be a big dissapointment for me, as the Sexist Daughter
of the creator of Keystone, was my science teacher, and
also happend to be married to the principal. Now, if she
hasn't of happend to be married to the principal, i think
me, and many others could of somehow gotten rid of her. She
graded very cruely, and unfairly, and abused her power the
the extreme. I wrote complaints to Mrs. Elizondo, the
overseer of Upper School, and gave them to her. She glanced
at them and tossed and hour and a half of my time and
effort into the trash. This majorly pissed me off, and i
decuded i wanted the hell out of this school. I was friends
with Brenda, the secretary, who is truely one of the
funniest lady i know. She also knew alot about Keystone,
and i got all the dirt. I learned that Glenn Sobey, married
to Pamela Sobey, and principal at Keystone School, only
cared about the money. Keystone described itself as a
non-profit organization, i found the accusations of him
being a cash fiend very true later on. I also learned how
one of their daughters took drugs, and another was into
self-inflicted pain, and often cut her wrists to watch
herself bleed. Mrs. Sobey had used the excuse that a cat
had scratched her, but cat scratches were not that deep,
and it was obvious their family was a little demented. Well
in the end i left Keystone thinking i ahd passes, since on
our scheduled graduation day, Mrs. Elizondo the overseer
had made the sarcastic remark " There's even one for you
Charlie, no surprise there." I figured what this meant was
that i passed and was accepted back into the school, since
inside the envelope was a paper that appeared to be a
Diploma stating my name and announcing academic achievment,
which i found humorous because at one point in the school
year i had failed 3 classes. Well it ended up the rules
where that if you failed the same class more than once out
of the four, 9-week grading periods, you were not accepted
back to keystone. Well i thought to myself, " That sexist
bitch got what she wanted, but she will get hers in the
end." I'm praying she burns and rots in eternal hell. That
is, if hell exists. Anyways, i figured it was for the
better, and after numberous fights over nothing with my
mom, she eventually pissed me off to the point after she
smacked me acrosse the face for splashing water on her,
that she was creating exactly the opposite sortof family
enviroment i wanted. I never had a big family, at all. IN
fact, alot of the time my family was really just me and my
mom. The only close relatives are my aunt and uncle in
Comfort, with their 2 sons, my cousins Jake and Dustin, who
i always got along with well. Anyways i am a smart kid, and
i knew, since my parent were divorced, that i could live
with whichever set of parents i wanted now that i was the
government required age of 12, minimum. The thing was, my
dad now lived in Las Vegas ( i saw that one coming), and my
mom threatened that if i went, i could never come back.
Which wasn't true. If i wanted to live with her the law
woulf force her to let me live with her. After some more
skirmishes she changed her mind and told me if i was going
to try to live with my dad ( just for a year to know him
better and finish middle school), she would get all the
lawyers she could and spend as much money it it took to get
me back. " Then we'll see who wants you more."

What she was saying was she figured she would spend more
than my dad, and in her mind whoever wanted me more would
spend more money on a legal battle to get me back. Well, at
least i knew she cared enough, and she got much nicer,
although i didn't see her much because she was traveling
all summer long. Well, now comes today. I was up all night,
after taking pills i bought from a kid with ADHD. ADHD is a
disease that makes you extremely hyper, and you don't pay
attention to anyone or anything around you. What it does to
people who don't have ADHD is you have your energy
regenerized, you get a sortof wierd sleepy high, and you
become really concentrated on whatever your doing. Kids
snort ir before tests, hoping they will do better. I stayed
up messing around all night, and racing outside with me on
my skates and him on his motor go-ped thing, which goes 30
mph ( and i won once too). After becoming fairly worn out
i went inside and watched a movie, until my mother arose
around 5, when the phone rang. I had noticed she and shorty
had become fairly grown apart, but it was nothing major in
my mind. Well i continued watching a movie and when into
the kitchen to see what my mom was doing. She asked what i
was doing up so early.

" Well, Einstein never slept. He said it was a waste of
time." I truely agree with Einstein. Although, i don't know
if i'd want to look like him. Well she was talking to
someone on the phone, and the conversation started to get
more and mroe revealing. Aparrently, Shorty had come to
believe that Charles Weston, who she had know way before
shorty, and my mother were sleeping together. Well he
accused her of this win other men too, all of which i knew
was bull. Shorty had apparently called Charle's wife, and
they had stirred up some idea. And somehow my mother was
now being called a lying slut, and such. Divorce was talked
about, and my mother said she now realized why Shorty had
married her. It was because of money. This truely surprised
me, and then my mother said after talking for a while about
well, if your not willing to work on this marriage, we will
get a divorce. She wasn't crying or anything like that,
that someone would expect. I certainly wasn't crying.
Shorty was not my dad and had never been in my mind. I did
however worry about my brother, and i was worried my mom
would go back to drinking alot, and will would have to go
throug the same kind of emotional stuff i went through. I
was disturbed as a child, and saw things like ghosts in the
windows. Well i saw them all the time and it was perfectly
normal to me. I was taken to a total of 4 shrinks and
officialy 'cured'. and its funny, because i don't see them
anymore. I blame my childhood on alot of my bitterness and
temper i have today. Anyways, the divorce surprised me
alot, and it turns out Charles Weston and his wife are also
getting a divorce soon. This was definately a odd thing,
since they had been happily married for 22 years, and had 4
children the ages of: 10, 13, 17, and 22. I had just
recently lived with the family for 2 weeks, and if they are
unhappy they are the best fakers i've ever seen. Anyways,
my life has just done a 180 degree spin, and i'm guessing
i'm going to have to help out alot with everything, and
help raise Will. I don't want another stepdad thing going
on, but i guess that would be fine for Will if my mom got
remarried to another man (3rd husband) after shorty and her
split. All together, my life is jumbled around right now,
and i don't know where i'm going to live, what family i'm
gonna have, and whats going to turn out with the two
divorces. The funny thing is, i wouldn't be surprised if i
got 4 new step-siblings. Nothing would surprise me now. But
anyways, i had to get all this stuff out, if you read it
all, thanks alot, and, i'm sorry its so long :P. I mainly
wrote this for myself, and to explain to some of the people
i have mad angry, hurt, and overall made myself disliked
to. I'm going to change you guys. ok, just one more
paragraph :).

The reason my personality has changed so much is the
effect of two things. ONE i was at a new place, and
everywhere i go i try to make some sort of image for
myself. Well i looked around and thought Keystone's a
pretty dorky place, i think i'm gonna make myself the bad,
mean, rude guy that doesn't give a F*** about much of
anything. So basically, i wanted to be the eminem this
year :P. Well i did that, pissed alot of people off,
including the person i wanted to be friends with the most
(thats you, mary), and including the new good friends i
could of had. Anyways, the SECOND reason is Keystone just
plain drove me crazy. When i got there i just kept thinking
to myself, " What have i done?" well i got what i asked
for, and I just couldn't do it. I couldn't get out of the
image, i was stuck in it. OK so i failed keystone and am
now moving to my last year of junior high, which is funny,
becuase each grade of junior high i'm going to end up
spending in different schools. Anyways, i went crazy at
keystone and that totally changed me too. I wasn't really
fun anymore and i was depressed 24/7. OK well now that i am
going to public school where i can be free and all that,
and just sortof stretch my legs for a year and sit back and
make easy grades. IF you guys don't want anything to do
with me, thats o.k. I am just starting a new beginning, i
will forget all about you to be quite honest. But Mary, i
do want you to forgive me. I don't know what it is about
you, i mean usually the way me and you are when we fight, i
would of dumped whatever our relationship is a long time
ago, and not of looked back... but you, i can't do that.
You are too special for me to to just forget about. I don't
know what it is, but its in you, and theres just something
i can't leave. Well anyways people, hope you liked the
story of my twisted life so far :P thats the first chapter.
Maybe by the time i'm old i'll have some Biography about me
and my messed up life :-P anyways guys, i learned you
sortof just gotta go with the flow, and you gotta have fun
and take risks, and get into trouble every now and then,
otherwise, life is boring.

-Thanks !