Katie & Kora

Kinky Chronicles
2002-09-08 19:09:22 (UTC)

Curly Hair

Well last night I spent 3 hours curling my hair and pinning
it up so it would stay in the curls for today. I don't have
anything special planned for today.. I just wanted curly
hair. If I get bored tonight then I might curl it again.
(there goes another three hours of my time) While Kim and I
were walking downtown after the movie we saw Dustin and a
friend of his..and they stopped and talked to us. It was
cool. I want him again (Dustin) and I don't know why...Ahh
well. I hoping we hook up this year. That would be cool.
Anyways I gtg. I'm gonna work on my homework. Later.

(Doesn't the word "curly" make you think of a pig's tail??)

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