Crazy Girl

Diving Under
2002-09-08 18:25:28 (UTC)


Today is really sucky right now because I am cold as hell
but I am too lazy to actually get up and get a blankit!
(lol) That and I am sick so if it were any other day I
wouldnt be cold. Like last night I was hot as hell and then
suddenly I was all cold, but I had my baby there to keep me
warm. But I dont think he likes my house so he wasnt liking
it I bet, cuz he sucks! (lol) I finally saw Blade 2, that
movie was pretty kewl. And then Queen of the Damned came
out... YAY! Best movie ever right? Yes of course. But last
night was perfect me and Corr, just laying on the couch,
arms around each other watching the movie. A kiss here or
there. I was nice. I didnt want to kiss him at first cuz I
didnt want to get him sick but he said he didnt care. Yea
yea, he will be caring when he gets all sick and shit.

I went to a dance.. it was ok, and then my song to Cory
came on and I just wanted to cry, made me regret saying I
wanted to spend times with my friends that night. But that
is the past, we cant change it right? Right!

Me and Corr were getting into a lot of fights.. I think it
is because I am on the edge with everything else. I just
cant stand the way things are going. It really is so
stupid. Like my best friend's boyfriend KRIS (yes I said
his real name) is being a complete asshole. He made her
chose between him or me and of course she chose him, but I
am getting the feeling that they wont spend the rest of
their lives togther, because no man should do that. it
FUCKED up! Just messed up. But I dont know, she doesnt
think so, so whatever.. I am preachin to an unworthy cause.
Um, what else could I talk about...

My birthday is coming up, yay for me! Well not really, I am
getting old... 17! Come on, 17b is too old.. lol not
really! I didnt want to celebrate it though cuz I dont
know... I just dont feel it is worth celebrating! But
everyone else wants to. So I guess I should just give in to
it right?

Well I guess that is it for now.. bye peoples