Hobbes' Diary
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2002-09-08 17:58:31 (UTC)

and things go higher

spencer's back in town! i miss him tons. ever since he
moved it's been really boring around here. well...'cept
that me and dana act crazier than ever. lol! i talked to
him for a while last nite. he sounds so different. it's
kinda freaky. my little baby's growing up. *sniff* haha.
well, the doc thinks my mono has helped my cold along by
tearing up my immune system. blech. i might have
bronchitis now. i wanna get out of the house and into the
real world again. i miss being able to frolic around the
neighborhood putting hundreds of tiny pink flamingos in
people's yards. can't you tell there are TONS of things to
do around here? like cow-tipping. can you say oh yea? i
think i finally may be getting my own car here pretty
soon. my rents haven't made up their minds between a small
truck or a Jeep Grand Cherokee. either way, i want
something that's black. black hides dirt better i think,
and since i won't have enough time to wash it and
all....the barn can get pretty dirty too. speaking of the
barn, i haven't see b-bo in FOREVER!! i miss my baby boy.
he's going to be out of shape also. it'll be back to the
lunge-line for him. poor guy. anyways, i'm getting my NTCH
group tonite. *roll of the eyes* i'm stuck with a bunch of
chics who call me a bitch for no goddam reason. i mean, i
don't even know them. if i offended them, i'm sorry, but i
can i have offened them if i never even talked to them? of
course i'm different. i'm not a cheerleader. the only one
in my group that i may actually get along with is amy. as
you can tell, i'm not very socialble. lol! well, i got to
get everything in order. more later.