Oh,The Insanity
2002-09-08 17:06:50 (UTC)

S'mores and Chimineas

Last night, I went to adam's. We toasted marshmallows in
the chiminea and talked. I told him that when I started
crying(the last time we saw each other) that it was, in
fact, not because of Josh, but because of him. I told him
that I knew I was going to miss him again and he said "do u
see what I meant now?" and I always knew. I felt the pain
too, the aching pain. I know I can't be there all the
time, and I know he can't be here, we each have our lives.
Maybe when I'm gone, I'll be able to see him more often.
my mom got all mad at me because I drove up there
alone...and she said she would have felt more comfortable
had I spent the night there. All I said was "okie doke
mom, and you also would have spazzed if I had called and
told u I was spending the night at adam's" and she
said "it's better then driving home alone that late." I got
home at 11:30. So, adam...the pillow idea actually might
have worked :-)
Ah well, that was my night. I came home and started
desiging a logo for mom's xmas present. I'm gonna Mat it
and everything...it'll look really nice.
That's it. I'm gonna go pee
Peace, Love and Bullet-Proof Marshmallows
Ps- Here's to hiding marshmallows so kids can't eat them
and throwing flamming marshmallows at your brother's head