Kat Eyes
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2002-09-08 17:06:17 (UTC)

sept 8, 2002

muffinman2180: hey
chubblz05: hi
chubblz05: whats up
muffinman2180: r your parents still fiting
muffinman2180: nothing u
chubblz05: how can they still be fighting? they're 3000
mles away
chubblz05: nothing here either. i just woke up
muffinman2180: good morning
chubblz05: morning
chubblz05: you wouldn't get up last night
muffinman2180: no to tierd
chubblz05: yea, i talked toyour grandma
chubblz05: can you explain something to me?
muffinman2180: yes
muffinman2180: eney thing
muffinman2180: any
chubblz05: how we can both be so in love and i'm only gone
for one week and you go and kiss someone thati'm
practically sisters with?
chubblz05: just explain that to me. because i don't
muffinman2180: i'm not sure it just happened
chubblz05: what? did dhe trip and your lips broke her fall?
chubblz05: *she
muffinman2180: and i feal crappy abou it
chubblz05: how'd it happen? you just leaned over and kissed
her or what? tell me the senario
chubblz05: yea, i felt pretty shitty last night to
chubblz05: ask your grandma
muffinman2180: we were talking and she kissed me
chubblz05: on the lips
muffinman2180: yes
chubblz05: ?
chubblz05: and you kissed her back
muffinman2180: yes
chubblz05: why
muffinman2180: i dont know
chubblz05: :'(
muffinman2180: :'(
muffinman2180: i miss u a;ot
muffinman2180: alot
chubblz05: i think you're lucky i wasn't talking to you
last night because if you felt bad writting that email then
you would have felt like shit last night
chubblz05: let me tell you
chubblz05: im glad that you told me
chubblz05: had i found out from brandi or someone then i
just wouldnt have spoeken to you
chubblz05: so im glad that you told me. thank you
chubblz05: but ive only been gone one week
muffinman2180: i;m very sorry
muffinman2180: and it feals like forever
chubblz05: and i dont understand how you can love me, and
be able to wait for me to move back yet you can kiss
someone who could be my sister
chubblz05: yea, it does
chubblz05: iknow you're sorry
muffinman2180: nether do i
chubblz05: but i cant say i forgive you right now. b/c that
was just like a slap in the face last night
chubblz05: and it hurt
chubblz05: and i sat there and cried forlike 20 min. ask
your grandma and ask jesse. i emailed him
muffinman2180: it hearts me to think that i did that
chubblz05: and i dont want jesse coming out in december
either.dont wory about it i'll take care of it
chubblz05: i love you
chubblz05: and i miss you
muffinman2180: i love u with all my heart
muffinman2180: i miss cu too
chubblz05: are you sure? b/c last night i didnt believe you
chubblz05: i have to go
muffinman2180: y else would i feal kie shit
chubblz05: my grandma wants the computer
muffinman2180: 4 the last 2 days
chubblz05: i'm sorry
muffinman2180: ok ilove u
chubblz05: i'm over reacting and i'll be fine in a few days
muffinman2180: dont be
chubblz05: i just have enough on my plate right now and
you're like the only good thing in my life right now
muffinman2180: im me latter
muffinman2180: ditto
chubblz05: and...last night south park was the only good
thing in my life b/c i was so hurt and pissed off
chubblz05: but i slept it off
chubblz05: i loe you
muffinman2180: im sorry
chubblz05: and i miss you
muffinman2180: i love u 4 ever
chubblz05: and you dont have to tell me your sorry anymore
chubblz05: **love
chubblz05: lol
muffinman2180: but i am
chubblz05: i cant spell
chubblz05: i know
chubblz05: lets just put it behind us
chubblz05: ok?
muffinman2180: i think im going to cry
chubblz05: it happened 2 days ago
chubblz05: we've talked about it
muffinman2180: i think so
chubblz05: its over
chubblz05: ok?
chubblz05: just promise me something
chubblz05: dont cry
muffinman2180: i gues so
chubblz05: please dont cry
muffinman2180: y
chubblz05: youwont do it anymore unles you dont love me
chubblz05: dont cry. theres no reason to
chubblz05: ok?
muffinman2180: yes there is
chubblz05: what?
chubblz05: whats the reason to cry
muffinman2180: i cheated on u and it herts me to think that
i did that
muffinman2180: to u
chubblz05: well, you did. and its over with, and you told
me, and i told you i'd be fine in a few days
chubblz05: ok?
chubblz05: we're like a team. and i told you everything
will be fine
muffinman2180: ok
chubblz05: so you have to trust me
chubblz05: ok?
muffinman2180: i will
chubblz05: everything will be fine
muffinman2180: i love u
chubblz05: :-*
chubblz05: i love you to
muffinman2180: i hope so
muffinman2180: :-*
chubblz05: promise me you won't do that again unless you
don't love me anymore
chubblz05: i love you with all my heart
chubblz05: and i miss you
muffinman2180: i promis u
chubblz05: ok
chubblz05: :-*:-*:-*
muffinman2180: i miss u
chubblz05: i miss you too
chubblz05: and i'm not going to homecoming
muffinman2180: y
chubblz05: :-*
chubblz05: i dont want to
muffinman2180: i want to cu in that dress
chubblz05: lol
chubblz05: you will
muffinman2180: u have
chubblz05: ok, i have to go
chubblz05: keep e-mailing me, whenever you get the chance
muffinman2180: ok
muffinman2180: ok i will
chubblz05: and i love you and i miss you ats its all good
chubblz05: *and
muffinman2180: ok
chubblz05: ok
muffinman2180: ditto
chubblz05: kisse kisse
muffinman2180: kisse kisse
chubblz05: love you
muffinman2180: i love u