Sammy's Life
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2002-09-08 16:54:15 (UTC)


Well, today is going to be a borig day...duh, its
Sunday. I dont go to church or anything so I have nothing
to do..hey dont get me wrong, I still believe in God...he
has helped me out soooo much this year! I thank my lucky
stars and pray everyday...
Anyway, nothing good happened yesterday. I watched
movies all day...woopie. But they were good ones. I am
probably going to watch movies today too. But Im also
going to work out because I need to get motivated so I can
stay fit and not get flabby lol.
I am glad I didnt go to the football game on Friday
because they lost. They will win next Friday because I
will be there...hahaha...jk. Okay sorry this was so
boring. TATA

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