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2002-09-08 16:49:19 (UTC)

*Saturday and Sunday*

So another great weekend in the life of ME! So remember
when i said i wasa going to castelton to see kendle. Well
heres the scoop with that. She comes all the way up here
to get me, and we go back to Suffield and Say hi to dan at
highland. We get a call from Kim saying she wants to be
picked up. So Kendle, being as nice as she is, says sure.
SO we drive a hour to worchester to get kim. Thing is, we
get completely lost on the way there. We ended up getting
whistled at in Little Spain, honked at in Little Italy and
like attacked at Little Ireland. After an hour and a half
driving we finally got kim. So then we take like a half
hour trying to get on the highway.... Then we start
driving.. after two hours, with two hours left. We see the
fucking red flashing lights. officer cocksucker proceeded
to scream at us tell us he wanted to arrest us... he gives
kendle a 175$ ticket and pours out our handle of Bacardi
O.. First thing: YOU STUPID FUCK! there was 70$ of booze
in the trunk and you didnt even look in the trunk..
Second: You threw the empty bottle on the side of the
road.. if im not mistaken thats a 1000$ fine!.. you ass
So after all that I felt really bad and didnt want to make
kendle drive the next two hours then have to drive me all
the way home to uconn the next day. So i had tricia pick
us up from where we were and I got to spend the ngiht at
home, in my sweet bed. UGH it was amazing.

Sat. I spent with Matty going to the One stop and doing
random things. But ya it sucked being home. When I got
back to school we went up to Hilltop apartments. The crew
(Ashley Flemming, Teresa, Sara, Malyssa and I) drank some
beers and chilled. It was pretty fun. I screamed at some
kid "SUCK MY MOTHER FUCKING DICK" while doing the motions
and everything.. i dont know why i did that. Im so
retarded. Dale and Emily showed up too. They are the sweet
peeps from towers. LoL. I dont remember them leaving but
oh well. Later on the night I talked to Matty.. i really
dont know what he said. But he called me to tell me
something. Maybe I should find out what that was all about.

I think I told someone that i usuallly talk to, to drive
all the way up here at 230. lol. I really really wanted to
talk to him. Cause i do miss him and its to bad that
things are shitty between us, but i hope that can change,
cause we are all getting used to our new situations. ugh.
well Ill check ya lata! its good to be back.....

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