Dear God Shoot ME!
2001-07-21 13:30:25 (UTC)

Wow! Im a sick bastard

tonight, well last night cause its now 6 am, I went over to
my good buddy Josh's with Chelsea Sarah and lucas...there
my normal friends...well as normal as they get. We decided
to scare the shit out of two of our friends...Mindy and
Lisa. Were taking them out to Padova City tonight when it
gets dark. Padova city is the old shut down asylum here
where i live. so we are kinda gonna be perfoming a
b&e...Well not really cause we go in through the tunnels
which someone already technically were just
entering. Anywho..where gonna all go in groups of two and
play "tag" well as far as lisa and mindy know.the rest of
us are gonna stalk them and make sick noises and play with
their know good clean To say the
least....Im going to hell. Well yeah i still got alot of
energy Ill probably pass out soon from sleep deprevation
but what can you do. Oh god it was so funny. last night,
Lucas, Chelsea Sarah and I were all driving downtown and we
stopped at a light and there was this car next to
was like a 70 year old woman in lucas stars reving
his engine, you know to challenge her to race. the next
thing we know the granny is reving hers...then the light
went green and the granny goes flying down the road like a
bat out of what does lucas do? he catches up to
her and cuts her off. It was so funny...I never knew a
senior citizen would do that. I have new respect for them
now. Oh yeah and then we drove down the hooker streets and
began throwing pennies at all of the prostitutes we could
find. The looks on their faces are priceless! Thats another
reason why im going to