The Nightshade Princess
2002-09-08 16:00:14 (UTC)

To bleed...

I began to write another entry sometime after 1pm. I
could not finish... The tears I am holding, that I am
hiding deep within myself will not be ignored. Even in the
glories of a night out, I cannot forget. I want to cry, to
weep for shattered peace and broken hearts, for love
decayed and found, for the end of things... To shed tears
for sweet memories gone bitter and shattered-glass
thoughts. I would weep for all things lost.. for the
horrors in my mind and in my life. Holding a jagged knife
in my hands, I think that I should bleed for them all...
it's all the same, isn't it? Tears of blood and tears of
crystal, falling like ocean-spray into my slightly parted
lips. The two seem identical, the loss of fluid from the
body... I shall survive, though... I know this. I always
have and always will, and forever do I curse this.