No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-09-08 15:40:21 (UTC)

my weekend

hey! My weekend has been pretty good. Friday we had a pep
rally but I skipped it, then Terry took me home. Saturday
morning I had a car wash for ROTC. Saturday night was
Battle of the Bands. I promised Carlos I'd go, and Jess
promised we both went. We ran into Luke and Erin.
We hung out with Luke all night then we left around 8
instead of 10 becasue it was boring...Luke took us home.
Then Jess and I relaxed (lol) and stuff. Terry brought
Tricia home around 11 and Fred started shit. Terry stayed
till like 12:10. Jess stayed the night and left around 7:45
for a dog wash this morning. That's been my weekend so far.
It's been fun. :D
In one light I am still confused...but I'll get over that
and whatever happens happens. It's not in my hands.

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