2001-07-21 10:32:39 (UTC)


It's 3:17 AM. I slept a few hours here and there during the
day, like a cat. It was a really weird day. I'm so sick and
sleep-deprived and stuff...I'm seriously going insane.
Dazed and confused. Especially spacey. This morning I
wasn't tired yet so I got some unwanted clothes to take to
the consignment shop and sell. They don't open until about
noon though, so I just got coffee at the place across the
street from Starbucks. I've crossed over. Only one guy
works there all the time and I think he's from Africa or
something...coolness. He's nice. People kept giving me
funny looks, and I found out why. I looked completely
gothic. I wasn't even trying to. Black is a chic color, I
like eye liner, and I can't help being pale. And the
sickness and lack of sleep caused me to look "naturally
gothic". I hate labels like that. I won't conform to any of
them. Well, since I was extremely ill, I decided to forget
about the consignment shop and just go home and finally
sleep. The right bus didn't show up for over an hour.
There's always some annoying bus passenger who talks to the
driver and a sleazy staring old guy, and this was no
exception. Then I got off at this hotel and called my mom's
husband on my cell phone. When he came to give me a ride
home he said, "You don't look good! You look green.", and
then he gave me medicine. And I slept of course. My life
must sound so depressing and dark right now. It's just a
cold...maybe I'm over-reacting. It's really making me crazy
though. I did something pretty brave last night (about 24
hours ago). I pierced my own ears. All I used was some ice
for numbing and a sewing pin. It took quite a while and was
a little painful. I really am a freak...heheh.....