Carissa's Horse Diary
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2002-09-08 14:32:03 (UTC)

A horse called Bob

I rode bob yesterday for like two mintutes! My mom went
over to fee him and Charm, and there was I car in the drive
way! She freacked out, Barb was gone for the weekend and
here was a car in the drive way. Every thing was ok, they
were there with her, so mom goes to get Bob. He is a
palomino quarter horse, he is so wounderful. She got him
ready by the time me, dad and nick got home from the party
we went too. Nick hasn't riden every much at all, so he
only trots and walks. he walked around and troted a little,
and almost ran me over when it starts to rain. Mom had put
Charm in the stall padock before nick got on. We all head
into a stall and wait the storm out for like 15 min. I am
on bob now and canter him a little. Then nick, the brat
comes out agian and takes him away from me. Dad is watching
and he rides along for 5 more min. until it gets dark. i
lead nick to the halter and tell him to dismount. We gets
on and off to show me that he can do it and finally he gets
off. I get the halter on his neck and start to take the
briddle off, when mom comes up. i look at the gate she just
left and its open. "mom, i think you left that gait open,"
She truns around ad Screeams, the clydstalle, throughbred
mix Charm is lose! I run to the house to get barb, and soon
she comes to the pastures and mom gets charm to come to her
ith oats. It's agood thing we hadn't feed them yet! All is
well and we leave at like 8:15. We are going back to day to
ride bob, my brothers coming to, drats! Bye all.