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2002-09-08 13:04:31 (UTC)

uhhh today/ the past 3 days.

well today is sunday. n i haven't written since. Thursday
or wed. so i have a lot of thing i think to write in
here.well i have been going to the beach club lately n
hanging out with, Agus, Stid, Anthony, Nelson, Shean, Oreo,
Russain(which i hate). but here all cool. Nelson n Oreo
helped me learn how to skatborad. well i now i know how to
skate n do n aliy(on the grass). I fell yesterday twicce.
but im ok. all my muslces r weak, n pullled. im so happy
that i know how to skate. i was supposed to hang ou twith
Danny yesterday. but i like my new friends better. n now im
supposed to hang out with him today. i think next week is
better. oh yah n yesterday i signed up 4 hockey. which is
like $650.00. my mommy signed me up. i was so happy. n this
morning i woke up at 5a.m. n started to wash my UFO(my
favorite pants). people always c me whereing them, cuz i
love. them. right now im so tired. i just took my UFO's out
of the washing machine, n hung them to dry. cuz thell
shi=rink in the drier. well skool sux so much. i hate all
my teachers. mostly i hate my gym, teacher. ahhhhh it's
Sunday morning. i should go n get more sleep cuz my nose is
running. n my body hurts from skateing. so i will write
here soon.