Tali and Jag's Journey
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2001-07-21 09:47:16 (UTC)

Starting the Journey

After I left the tavern, I discovered a beautiful little
niche - a small pond with trees around it, a small
waterfall to the far side, birds and smaller critters were
around. Its just the place an elf, such as I, needs to be
to write.

My first dilemma is that I am not sure how to go about
finding myself, and improving myself. Do I just wander? or
do I map out a plan? What am I trying to discover?. When
father threw me out of the house (tree house actually, for
you humans, but more of a living treehouse), he gave me
three items, this book, this pen and a small mirror,he then
told me to go search for myself. He says I am
irresponsible, rebellious, careless, ungrateful, uncaring
and a lost soul. That Hurt!. I have an entirely different
opinion of myself. I am a scholar. I want to learn all
there is know on this world. But there is a difference in
knowing and KNOWING.

(pauses to flick her silver hair from her eyes and stare
off across the pond to think)

That must be where my father got that idea that I am
rebellious and irresponsible. I read about life, i watched
it, observed it, but rarely did I participate. As an elf, I
am suppose to rever life, but I don't. I have met many who
are better off dead. I also have no religion, no Gods or
Goddesses. That to makes me different. I am the blacksheep
in my family, and as such feel I must live up to it.

Stops and looks around, spotting a pair of dwarves, long
before they will be able to see her thanks to elf sight,
she starts to pack up and head off in a easterly direction.
Her lithe limbs steadily taking her farther from everything
she has ever known.
NOTE TO SELF: Next enty, me :D