A Princess
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2001-07-21 09:33:10 (UTC)


OWWWWWWWWWW, my feet :( :( Blisters :( Yesterday was sooooo
funny! Kevin was being un-usually nice to me but he brought
his twin bro along, grrrrr hes too touchy feely if ya get me
hes always trying to hug us and touch our ass's n stuff and
we're like get away,lol :P Well there was a whole bunch of
us from our skool, hannah and everyone was down there. There
was this guy who looked like James caradine (Polo neck,
jeans, the hair,but looked about 18) And Carly n liz were
obsessed following him around,lol he was with his mum and he
was sat down and I give carly a lil shove and she went
flying into the plastic screen infront of them,
hehe...Because I was pushing them everyone kept trying to
push me into him and one time they shoved me only to push me
into this fat guy who praticly hugged me, he broke his gold
watch aswell...LIZ!!!!lol How embarassing the guy did look
back at me on the floor not like that counts :( He kept
looking for us all the way through and C n L got jealous cos
I shouted bye to him and he just started staring at me,lol
so I turned around and the guyz said he was looking for ages
at me, so wha hey ;) Shame its the wrong guy....GRRRRR
*HINT* *HINT* CHRIS...Oooo and kevin was like "Should I have
told you earlier he was looking at you?" LOL :p Then he gave
me a clap, so Im good lol...Hmmm also Mark told us that
Hollie wa like "Howcome your always hanging around with Tara
& Kelly, why do they always have to look better, get the
better guys and have the better dances" KA-CHING, cos we da
bomb baby ;)(Well I am,hehe) It was funny at the ice rink
cos hannah started on this girl and she was mouthing her and
this guy she likes was like leave it,hehe I bet she did it
to look good infront of him, anywayz we were changing our
shoes and hannah came in and theres like 4 of us trying 2
get her skates off so she can go have this fight,lol and the
girl looks in gives me one MASSIVE dirty look and says "I
dont care there only kidz" Kidz who are gonna kick your ass,
I told hannah she had to beat her for looking at me,hehe and
this other girl with her was like yeah yeah after me,lol but
we had to go so I couldnt watch...GRRRRR Its like 15 girlz
from my skool are gonna jump on these 2 fat girls,lol dont
mess with beme downers,lol...Good 2 know I have protection,
muhahahaha because other wise Id just get erm...squished
:( lol When we went outside theres this nightclub just below
it (cos its up,lol) and everyone thought we were joining the
que,lol liz was soooooo funny, u dont expect certain thingz
outta liz, like when she swears its hilarious, shes like get
out my *ing way,lol and there was this lady in the line who
looked like 14, and liz was like look that woman over there
has rabies,LOL soz it sounds mean but itz soooo funny, and
shes like careful she might bite us,lol ANYWAYZ we arent
bitchy really, just funny,lol....WELL IM OFF ICE
SK8IN...AGAIN!!!! lol Vickys belated b-day then retail
therapy, LOVE YA'Z