Wally's Wackin' Shack
2002-09-08 09:25:50 (UTC)

I've been busy, not getting busy, but trying really hard, without being hard

ok.........I've met A LOT of people the past 3 days. I've
been partying my ASS off since Thursday. A girl on my
floor has been celebrating her Birthday ever since then,
I've been either Drunk or hungover since then. Friday was
WILD.....we went out to a gay club.......I went with my fag
hags and a lesbian, and a str8 couple, but they didn't stay
very long. We went to the Bourbon Pub and Parade
Disco......We just call it the Parade, cuz thas what
everybody calls it. It is right across from my favorite
establishment, Oz. I've danced my ass off for the past two
days. My feet are killing me :'(.......they don't feel
very pretty right now. Worse than that.......Earlier
today.......I was wearing sandals, and it was raining, even
when it stopped it was still pretty wet rained :P. And
so...I slipped, and my toe slid on the concrete. Now, I've
got a gimp toe, I can't wear Sandals until it heals, and it
chipped off a BIG part of my nail....and even still, I
still managed to go out clubbin' tonight. I was wearing
my...Look at me I'm gay outfit today. and I was working a
corner, and stopped cuz we left. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I almost
forget.....the FUNNIEST thing happend to my Roommate. For
those of you who don't know, my Roommate is a bit of a
Moocher. He's REALLY annoying. He also likes to follow me
around and see what I'm doing. There aren't very many
people on my floor that like him. So.......Thursday
night.....he followed me to Nia's room, she's the Birthday
Girl. I was already drunk off my ass when he came in, and
so everyone else was like (and this was a small gather
about 7 people, 8 with my snoopy roommate) lets get him they did. The Birthday her drunken
Stupor....asked my Roommate if he has lost his
virginity...which he hadn't. She took it upon herself to
be the one that takes his virginity. So about an hour goes
by......Everyone leaves, and gives them some privacy. I
wasn't in my room but for 10 minutes, when here comes Nia
with my roommate.......*KNOCK KNOCK*....I get up, open the
door, my roommate goes to pizzle, and Nia pulls me out into
the hall and she says.....and I quote..."I couldn't do it
with was this small (and she takes her thumb
and her pointer finger and keeps both fingers about an inch
apart, to signify he's only an inch long). She continues
to go on....I did everything I knew, but he couldn't get it
up. I was laughing my ass off, after hearing it., he passed out in his bed, I went over to Nia's
room, and slept with a new Bi-sexual
Friend.....Yolanda.....she's my new sister.....and she's
soooo funny, and Nia is a curious woman and wants Yolanda
to be her lesbian experience, but Yolanda's tight with it,
and she wasn't havin' it. So, the entire night Nia was
also making passes at Yolanda, and the whole thing is just
HALARIOUS!!!!! So......I didn't go back to my room, I went
to sleep with Yolanda. Just sleep, no sex. I wake about 7:30, and come back to my room.......the
first thing I notice...there is Vomit on my floor...and my
roommate's bed.....I get some "Clorox Disenfectant Spray"
and some Paper towels wake him up, and have him clean the
shit up. I took a shower, got ready for class, and left.
I come back after class, the vomit is cleaned up, but his
bead spread is still on his bed., my room
smelled like Vomit, and he's no where to be found.....I go
around telling everyone what happend....the entire
story....and then my roommate shows up, I tell him he's
gotta get that shit out if here, and get the smell out, I
got some incense and started burning it after the smell was
almost gone. Oh......and this is how he's such a
Mooch...he asked me if I was gonna do Laundry that night,
and if I wanted to do his.....I was'm not putting puked on sheets
in with my delicates. He went on to see if he could find
someone, and of course they all had similar reactions. So,
he did his own laundry........and I went out clubbin' came
back at like 4, I got back tonight at about the same time,
and Right now he's gone, he leaves for the weekend, THANK
GOD!!!!! So......ok.......that's what's happend to me so
far, I'll talk about what I did tonight in my next
entry....something to look foward to :P. *THANX FOR

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