The problems of life. (day after day)
2002-09-08 06:12:07 (UTC)

New Journal

well, well... hopefully this one will work. "Fuck You easy
journal!" anyways.. I had a rather interesting day today.
U of M football game.. soo sweet. awesome seats and
everything. And when the wave started up it went around the
stadium a couple times.. then all of the sudden the student
section did the wave in slow motion.. so the rest of the
stadium went in slow motion too... it fucked with your
head.. it looked really weird. well Michigan beat western
michigan.. Then back home from Ann Arbor. slept a couple
hours.... then I got a call from Kendra. I met this girl
on the net through a girl I know from school. She wanted
to hang out... she had some friends over... heh, but of
course I had to wait and ask my mom to go... (strangle hold
parents) finally I cruised to her house. I looked like a
total jackass. but that's like the most i've talked for
only meeting them for the first time. We ended up going to
her friends. Kim i think it was. Besides me and my friends
i've never seen someone want weed so much. there was this
Tim guy there. ripped off his ass and pretty drunk. he
was cool though, so I took him to a few houses to find them
some weed. but of course... non to be seen.... so we go
back to Kim's for a while just sitting around.. While tim
did who knows what. while the rest of us sat and watched
tv. I felt really out of place at that time. Watching mtv
there was a lot of the music I don't listen too much execpt
for when Aren is giving a thug a ride or something. They
were all talking about stuff I really had no clue about.
oh well... I've listened to enough of it with aren to know
what was on mtv. Jamie (sorry if I spelled it wrong, heh)
kept saying that I probably think she's stupid. well they
all said that about themselves at one point or another. I
don't really understand.. they just seemed like a bunch of
hyper friends to me. But jamie said it like 6 times when
she was sitting next to me.... oh well.. I kind of kept
zoning out, not on purpose.... but I mean I really didn't
have much to say. so I just sat the quietly most of the
time. Execpt for the times I laughed at Tim. Needless to
say, it was a weird night... So I took Kendra and her
friends back to her house. and they were all saying sorry,
sorry, sorry... heh, I guess my first impression of them
wasn't what they wanted. even now it's 2 a.m. and i'm
still pretty confused about all that happened... but they
were pretty cool for meeting them for the first time.. Now
i'm just sitting at my computer with an empty head...
looking forward at things to come.... heh... I hope i'm not
a loser in everyones eyes.... fuck me...

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