My life
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2002-09-08 05:58:54 (UTC)

.~.So Many Guyz, so LiL Time.~.

i really wanna talk to Tim, ive been thinking about him so much this
weekend! But i havent...uhh, ill see him Monday, but im starting to
really like ronnie, A LOT, i dont wanna like him because 1- He is
mitch's cousin and 2- he is in love (supposly) with Marissa. Ok and
Brant needs to stop freaking comen around 2night alex went to walk
him half way home and she was gone for almost two hours, i know that
i can trust her becasue she is my best friend, but it hurt me because
she was with Brant, and he has been saying all week that she likes
him and she told him she likes him, i believe her when she says she
dosent though. No1 else does though. But he is all of a sudden
showing up at my house and shit and its really started to bother me,
uhh i dont know what i want, Tim told Rachel that he likes me and he
wants to be iwth me but since he might be moving he dosent want to
get attatched to me. I dont want him to move, i think that he would
be the best thing for me. Well i gg to bed, luv ya