still single

sick of all the sh*t
2001-07-21 07:09:40 (UTC)

Here we go

Okay well I'm not in the mood to hardly ever
online anymore.Bores me nowadays...been concentrating on
work and I may have 3 loans signed this month...Been
keeping busy although still not losing weight again...not
been working out...just wanna relax when I fget home and I
need MOTIVATED!!! Well on Wednesay while I'm at my desk a
line starts beeping because it's been on hold so I pick it
up and ask who they are holding for, the man says Clinton
so I page Clinton but find he;s in a meeting so I pick the
line back up and tell them he's in a meeting and it they'd
like to leave a message...then I hear"Is this Tressa?" I'm
like "yeah" then I hear"Hey it's Denis" My heart thudded in
my chest. We talked about work and casual shit for a few
minutes then I said"WEll...Do you want me to leave a
message for Clinton?" Figured I should get off the phone
first...He lefta number and I told him not to be a stranger
but of course he will...Well the next day the phone at the
office rings and I pick it up and I hear"HEY what's up?"
I'm like who's this...I find out it's Denis and he wants to
talk to Clinton again even though he talked to him the
night before(this is the guy who took his place as
manager...why the fuck is he calling him?must be bored to
death collecting unemployment)I asked him where he was
going because it was obvious he was driving and he said the
gym..I said "oh" then asked him if he wanted to leave a
message again but he didn't.,,I wish I didn't have to hear
his voice...GO AWAY! i wanna tell him.I'm finally starting
to forget about you...Then I was making a telemarketing
call and this guy answered and when I asked if he need to
REFI he said he's let me give him a quote if It would mean
he could meet me...Corny but we started talking and he
sounded like a nice guy.He's 34 that's all I know and he
has a few rental properties. Says he has a cute guy friend
and we thought maybe we'd all meet up like him and his
friend and me and my girlfriend. (Silvana or
Adrienne...they both want to go...shit)He's going to Vegas
tis weekend but I got his email and will email him..atch me
never end up meeting him...Anyway I'm tired of writing and
my nbeck is stiff...peace