Tali and Jag's Journey
2001-07-21 07:02:36 (UTC)

Meet Talibah

(Long silver hair, curly and wild, with silver almond
shaped eyes. She is wearing the colours of the Earth, she
blends so well into the forest line you almost don't see
her, but for her hair and eyes. She is new to travelling
and is cautious. Her eyes give her away as that of elf
blood, as do the lean slender body and the arrows that hang
from her back. She has pouches galore around her waist,
tied to her belt, and beneath her cloak. Her cloak, special
in its own right, seems almost magical, the way the colours
swirl to blend her into her surroundings even better. She
spies a rowdy group of travellers heading into a tavern, at
the end of the road, in front of the forest line, where she
is hidden, she decides to go there for some refreshments,
after noticing it seemed to be th eonly place to go, and
heads that way. Once inside she looks around and heads for
an open table. Orders her wine and pulls out her journal
and prepares to write........)

Hello, my name is Talibah, and this is my journal. It is going to
contain my thoughts on just about everything. For now it is private,
until I figure out just what I want to write. I'd like to write about
my Journeys, I'm on many of them, many of them dark, and many yet,
are things I should of learned a long time ago.

I live long and crave to learn, that is what Talibah means
actually - one who loves to learn. I am to learn about
myself through this journal, open the secretest parts of
me. I have learned all there is to learn from books, I must
now face myself and Journal (You'll need a name) I am
scared of what I will find....

( A fight breaks out three tables down and Tali barely has
time to move her journal, before her wine is spilt. She
packs up and swings her legs over the upturned chairs and
heads out the door...)

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