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2002-09-08 03:04:00 (UTC)

leopard bedsheets

today me and sarah went to david's...his party was
cancelled since his folks didn't go outta town cause of
that dang hurrican thingy in the gulf and it's raining a
good lil bit....but he wanted us to come over
we did. we brought our guitars, played around on those a
bit. we watch home videos he made of himself. they were so
hilarious. he was drunk in one and he thought he could do
kung-fu so he was triwling a i really long stick. he was
allright is uppose. but man it was so funny when he hit
himself in the back of the head with it on accident.
hahahaha....the "thud" was really loud. he also hit himself
in the balls on accident...poor stupid lil drunk guy. david
was trying to be all over me and sarah, but that's nothign
new. he's not capable to hurt either of us even tho he's
all muscley and stuff. anyways, it was really cool
some 'cause we all went and laid down on his bed. he was in
the middle most the time, and we just kinda laid there all
sleepy and stuff. then sarah was all 'i wanna be in the
middle!!' so she laid in the middle and i got kinda
nervous 'cause she's really beautiful and she's my best
friend and it was kinda like really cool but very awkward.
but she seemd fine with me having my arms around her. then
david left for some reason. and me and sarah just laid
there, just holdin each other. lookin back
on it, i'm thinkin it was just to keep david off her since
he's such a horny lil twat. and sarah was saying how god my
hair smells and stuff. was really really cool.
david came back in eventually and ran and jumped on us.
lol. but it was pretty cool. well, that part anyway.
when we were back at her house, things seemed pretty
normal. we listened to my cds bummed around, read some
runes (which confused me more than i already am. hehe) then
i went home. woohoo....i didn't have to be around me mum
much today. how awesome huh?

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