can't fight the moonlight...
2002-09-08 02:43:51 (UTC)

nonsensical description of day

BIG YAWN. so frickin tired. went to p'town today w/ aunt
debbie and russ. if you don't know the cape, p-town is
right at the tip...little toursity place, big gay
population/attraction. much fun. took the ferry out of
boston. 90 min, which is good cuz its a 3 hr car drive. i
love the ocean...dont know how people can live so far away
from it in all those middle states. it seems
endless...crystals in water where sun reflects...so
magnificent. went into stores, ate food. got t-shirt that
says "my evil twin can beat up your evil twin." cuteness.
meant to go in human rights store, but didn't. oh well.
will go back. gay men w/ nice car parade, or something.
fun. hot guys. i'm the wrong gender. oh well. still hot.
what else? lil sunburn. gorgeous day. went to fanuel hall
after (in boston) pizza. more stores. cookies. love
cookies. couldn't figure out how to get my voicemail. then
i did. was mom, from like yesterday. whatever. er. yeah.
nikki had to work, couldnt come. new hot topic at mall. go
2morrow. fun stuff. broke though, that sucks. got check to
deposit...cell phone bill later. will deal. moolah in bank.
fun stuff.
new boss at work! under qualified, but nice. shit. gotta
get tuesday off. goddamn. dentist. Fun! right.
will shutup now. detail later. maybe.

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